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Alzheimer’s Arkansas needed an IT service provider with experience supporting nonprofits. It’s critical to maintain reliable, safe networks so the nonprofit can maintain regular communication with supporters and process online donations. Their staff struggled with phishing and spam emails that presented a constant threat. If anyone managed to breach their network, the personal information of donors, supporters, and service recipients would be at risk. And, as a nonprofit, budget concerns are always a top consideration, so effective but affordable IT managed services are that much more important.


Alzheimer’s Arkansas was excited to find Pinnacle IT, who are IT experts with experience working for nonprofits. They immediately found an all-inclusive solution and have been thrilled with how responsive and helpful Pinnacle IT team is at staying on top of any IT challenges that arise.


Alzheimer’s Arkansas is thankful for the expertise and partnership that Pinnacle IT provides. From the CEO to the newest technician, every member of Pinnacle IT team offers the same level of care and support. Any issue is almost always addressed within one business day, and Alzheimer’s Arkansas staff are thankful that it is so easy to communicate with Pinnacle IT.


By providing on-demand IT services, Pinnacle IT allows Alzheimer’s Arkansas to enjoy peace of mind while offering care and support to people caring for Alzheimer’s patients. Their staff can focus on caring for clients and fundraising instead of managing IT issues.

Nonprofits often have partners’ personal contact information and need to process online donations safely. It’s essential to keep their data secure and the network running properly. Pinnacle IT provided training to avoid or eliminate phishing emails, spam, and other issues.

Pinnacle IT team are experts at balancing budget restrictions with IT needs. They help Alzheimer’s Arkansas invest in the right processes and equipment to keep them safe and help them accomplish their goals. Pinnacle IT is always proactive in addressing any potential concerns and issues. At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, they reached out to make sure the entire Alzheimer’s Arkansas team was prepared to work remotely.

We could not be happier to depend on Pinnacle IT for all our IT needs. We are always taken care of, and we trust them to help us use our budget wisely. The staff at Pinnacle IT are incredibly proactive and easy to reach. Any issues are almost always resolved within one business day, with excellent communication from start to finish.

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